THE CENTER-RVA is a center for spiritual growth located at Balance RVA, 10431 Patterson Avenue, Henrico, VA. We believe everyone is on a spiritual path toward a relationship with the Universe/Creator. We create a sacred space to honor and explore one’s spiritual journey. We offer meditation, private sessions, workshops, and gatherings to empower you on your path.

Unconditional love is our guiding principle and becoming centered into the energy of unconditional love is our foundation. We openly explore traditional and non-traditional ideas as we seek harmony within and without. We believe these principles help us evolve as enlightened human beings in an ever-changing and amazing world.

2021 REINCARNATION SYMPOSIUM Mark your calendar for October 2nd, and join us in-person or on-line for a day of exploration of Reincarnation Stories: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. More info TBA.

Meditation classes integrate Relaxation Response, guided imagery, and breath work to relax and experience altered states of consciousness. Tap into your higher self for guidance about your spiritual growth. Walking Meditation is another form of Mindfulness meditation. Using Qigong breathing and walking techniques, it helps you become grounded, centered and present to wherever you are. ​Being grounded and centered is the foundation to a beautiful life.

Carole Louie discovered Past Life Regression (PLR) when she had spontaneous memories and realized that many of her fears and challenges in this life originated in previous lives. For many years, she focused on researching the concept of reincarnation and working on her issues.  At the same time, Carole accepted her ability to communicate with spirits. She trained with Sanaya Roman/Orin (author of Living with Joy) & Duanne Parker/DaBen in their “Awakening the Light Body” course, The Weiss Institute (Brian Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters) and Carol Bowman, author of Children’s Past Lives and Return From Heaven.

Contact Carole for a Reading and/or Past Life Regression session. Carole integrates what she has learned in her research about reincarnation and her Past Life Regression Therapy training with her readings; she also uses her gift as a medium with her PLR sessions. The client’s soul guides the session and includes journeying to the past of this life or another life to release fears linked to the past of this life and/or a previous life, to enhance talents and abilities from past lives that will help this life, and to understand relationships from a new perspective. The journey can help you align with your life’s higher purpose and to grow spiritually. Readings $100/hour; PLR sessions $100/1-hour session or $300/3-hour session No phone or Skype sessions. We welcome your questions and comments.

Interior Design/Feng Shui Consultation: Carole is an award-winning Interior Designer who has studied Feng Shui for many years and has included it in her design practice when requested.

For more information, contact Carole at 804-481-5555 (text/call), or email at

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