My Stories


 Unstuck in Time: Memoir of a Time Traveler is a TRUE story about how love transcends time. Eight past life stories about eight past lives, thirty years of reincarnation research, and amazing spiritual growth comes together in Carole’s latest memoir.

The Legacy of the Lei Family Architects Lives On: The Story of Yangshi Lei is the story about a branch of Carole Louie’s family and the “red thread of fate” that links her passion for design with her ancestors.

Conversations with a Hungry Ghost: Memoir of a Reluctant Medium is more than a ghost story; it is a spiritual journey.

The Not So Secret Life of Emily Elizabeth (A paranormal mystery series Book 1) is a paranormal mystery, fiction short story based on memories of a past life.

Short story,I Remember,” in the anthology From Ashes to Healing: Mystical Encounters with the Holocaust edited by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom.

Grounding meditation in Meditations for Awakening edited by Larry Moen.

Books featuring stories about my spiritual journey:

Feather “Food” For Thought short story in Maril Crabtree’s book Sacred Feathers: The Power of One Feather to Change Your Life

The Struggle of James, the Reluctant Figurehead story in Julia Ingram’s book The Lost Sisterhood: The Return of Mary Magdalene, the Mother Mary, and Other Holy women

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