Embracing Fall With New Eyes

Embracing Fall
The leaves outside my window are changing their colors.
I watch as one leaf after another zig zags to the ground,
joining other now dried and brown leaves.

This phenomena allows me to see the patterns of the branches
and the hawk’s nest that once was hidden from my gaze.

A gentle breeze releases a shower of many rust and sienna leaves.
The sunlight casts it’s light on tree trunks
exposing a play of texture and shadowy effects not seen before.

I am reminded of the Teacher’s words “to everything there is a season.”

I wonder why we human beings do not remember to take the time to let go of our coverings, to let the light show us the core of who we are
and to know that it is time to slow down and wait for the next cycle.

Oh, Mother Earth, I heed your message
and in my humanness, I stop for this moment
for what the tree outside my window has shown me.

I embrace it’s changing colors as I embrace my own.


It has been a year since I moved my mother from Florida to Virginia. Fall is a very different experience in these two states. Today as I drove Mom around to witness the changing colors, I noticed how some branches reach for the sky while other branches droop downward towards the earth, and yet some extend straight out as if to say “Stop!” And that is exactly what we did. We stopped and embraced fall and all its glory. And we are letting the light shine on who we are by spending time together and listening to each other’s stories. We are learning to embrace each other and our changing colors too.

Act 2

Getting older is not what it used to be. In fact, it is better!

Instead of retiring, many folks are discovering a new vocation or avocation. And so it is for me. I used to be passionate about interior design. I ate, drank and slept it. I even dreamed about interior design. I’d often wake up in the middle of the night from a dream, where I solved a design problem, and write down my solution. Lately, my passion has changed.

When I retired from interior design last December to take care of my mother, I knew that it was time to pursue my new passions: writing about my research into reincarnation and helping others, as I had been helped, through Past Life Regression Therapy. More about all of these exciting new acts in future posts, but today I am pleased to announce that my short story, “The Not So Secret Life of Emily Elizabeth,” will be available on Amazon on November 28th – just TWO MORE DAYS. (You can pre-order your copy now.)

Emily_Elizabeth (1)

If you are looking for a quick read, a diversion from your everyday life, whether you are still working on your first act or enjoying retirement, I hope you will buy, read, and review “The Not So Secret Life of Emily Elizabeth.” 



I hope you enjoy Emily Elizabeth’s story. Let me know if you figured out what’s the moral of her story.