If he was the apprentice . . .

Thanks to the reporters of Newsweek who tackled the difficult task of digging up the truth about Donald Trump’s business practices.


Until you have a chance to pick a copy of Newsweek and read the article, check out The Washington Posts’s article on-line, Trump Revealed.

Here is the link: www.washingtonpost.com/trumprevealed/

If you are on the fence about who you will vote for in November, these articles are a must read.

The Elephant in the Room

If you were glued to your TV last week watching the Democratic Convention like me, you were watching history being rewritten.

The line up of speakers – both professional political speaker and everyday people – and entertainers was impressive. Michelle Obama set the bar high with her eloquent take on what’s happening.

I am not a political junkie but each night I wanted to know what the next and the next person would say. Would they stay positive? At last, Hillary came out to accept the nomination, to tell us more about what makes her tick, what drives her passion, and her vision for the future of America.

As I reflect on the convention, I am proud of how everyone addressed the ‘elephant in the room.’ While many were passionate, no one was nasty or snarky or stooped down to the level represented by the GOP’s convention. Instead, they built a solid case that I hope will awaken any doubters to the BEST choice (imho) for our country’s highest good. Instead, they took the high road and I know I wasn’t the only one who shed a few tears.

Yes, we have a way to go before we can say that as Democrats, as Americans, we truly live up to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, but that doesn’t make this country bad or wrong. No. We’re great because we keep breaking ceilings, seeing our problems and we do something. We do it through a democratic system. It’s a system created to self-correct unlike any other in the world.

I say this as a first generation descendent of an immigrant from China. I’ve studied the over five thousand year history of China’s rulers and have witnessed its new era of a communistic way of life. My take away from China’s past and present is that it is important to the viability of a nation to learn the lessons from the past. As Einstein said,

insanity quote

I believe Hillary Clinton has learned a lot in her years in politics and through her trials and tribulations, but just in case there’s any doubt who I’m voting for, I created a bumper sticker and I’ve booked my rooms for the inauguration. I want to be there to watch the United States making history.

Going High with Hillary


A medium’s look at the political zoo

It’s probably safe to say that as a medium and reincarnation researcher, I look at politics quite differently than most folks.  I know, it’s a zoo out there.


While many folks – on both sides – harp on the negative aspects of the other, I view both candidates as a representation of what Carl Jung called “the collective consciousness.” In other words, they represent something in all of us Americans. You might say, “Well, that’s scary.” Or you might say, “Not ME!” But consider this: both candidates reflect something back to you and me, some things we like and some things we don’t.

So, here’s a technique I use when I am confronted by someone who I don’t like. It’s a very simple technique that I learned in a meditation class, using your imagination. I know, for some using much less trusting your imagination is like asking you to climb Mt. Everest; however, if you can put your analytical mind on the back burner for just a few moments, you might be surprised. The exercise goes like this:

Take a deep breath in and out. Now, think of a person, in this case, let’s look at Hilary Clinton and imagine her as an animal. Just bring your awareness to the image of the animal, observing without judging what the animal is doing, if it is by itself or with others. Now, freeze frame that image for a moment.

Next, do the same thing with Donald Trump.  Again, bring your awareness to the image of the animal, observing without judging what this animal is doing, if it is by itself or with others. Freeze frame that image and don’t forget to breathe deeply in and out.

Okay, that’s is. It sounds too simple, right? But you’d be surprised what this exercise can reveal.

I’d love to hear what image you perceived before I go further with the exercise. Oh, BTW, there’s more, which I will reveal in the next post. I know, it’s a bit of a tease, but hey, I’m feeling a need to “lighten up” in this election process, and I promise that the next post will be soon. Until then, you could watch the movie, “Zootopia.” It’s not just a kids movie!