Co-creating during Covid: Rethinking Christmas

Zoomin’ in with family around the world.

The pandemic has pushed us to face the unknown. Are you throwing all the old rules out the window? Are you racing around anew learning curve with exhilarating cheers or primal screams of fear? And now as we enter the holiday season are your rethinking Christmas?

In this time when it may do more harm than good to get together with family and friends, I am all in for reinventing and even postponing Christmas. I am all for taking the commercialism out of Christmas, for gifting the precious gift of our presence — our undivided attention — an unplugged celebration.

And when the time is right, I am all for sharing a banquet of multicultural food (Chinese, Lebanese, and Southern favorites in my case) and stories that let our family and friends know another facet of who we are and what lights us up. I am for gifting our time, talent, and wealth to others whom we can help in ways large and small. And if truth be known, I am all for telling another story about the birth and life of Jesus. I am ready to let go of the myths and make believe traditions.

I am ready to create a Celebration of Light and Love. A day, a week, a month of celebrating a life of being light and love.

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