An AH HA moment…

When I saw a roadblock on my walk yesterday, I felt disappointed at first. I loved going across the stones to the little island watching the koi fish swimming as I stepped from stone to stone. That was not going to happen today, so I veered to the right and looked back at the stones. Ah ha! What I saw was a different perspective than usual. So, I stepped even further to the right and saw the stones in yet another way. On and on I stepped. I began to appreciate the stone path in a way I had not done before and then the real AH HA happened.

WHAT IF the pandemic is our roadblock in life making us step back and around the situation, look at our lives from many different perspectives than usual? With that thought, I felt grateful for the roadblock on my walk and for the time to reflect deeply about where I am going in my life.

Note: If you live in or visit Richmond, VA, be sure to go to Maymont Park. Yesterday, I decided to go a different route on my walk around the gardens. I was in search of the gingko tree hoping to see her in full glory of vibrant gold leaves. She was not quite there yet and looked as if she would not be so brilliant this year. Eventually, I headed toward my favorite place at Maymont, the Japanese Gardens, where I hit the roadblock and learned a life lesson.