Is THIS the apocalypse?

I sometimes wonder if the fascination with zombies is because the truth is we are “the walking dead”.

What do I mean? I see so many people who present a facade, but when I look behind the mask, I see a wounded being. I see people grasping for material things, self-medicating on alcohol, drugs & sex, to divert themselves from looking deeper and discovering the beautiful Soul within. I believe until we know that we are divine beings walking around this Earth in our physical bodies, we are zombies. How do I know? I was once one such being. But then, I discovered meditation. I slowed down, quieted my monkey mind, listened to the still voice within and discovered love beyond description.

What if Covid has given us an opportunity to slow down, to not just stay-in-place but also to go within? What if it is a time to heal those wounded parts we’ve carried around so long that have held us back from life and love? Not the romantic love you see on The Bachelor, but rather “unconditional love.” The kind of love that allows you to see that everyone, every man and woman, is your brother and sister.

What if this is our time to WAKE UP from the sleep of living unconsciously? What if this is our time to let go of the past that no longer serves us just as the caterpillar lets go of its old form to transform itself into a butterfly? What if it is time to create a new future from all that we have learned and what we are still learning about our connection with our Higher Selves?

I believe that it’s not about creating a Utopia, but I do believe it is about creating a NEW PARADIGM, a new world where we are whole: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced. This is MY vision for this time and place in the evolution of humanity.

Will you join with me to hold the vision, to go within and embrace your Soul, to love unconditionally ALL beings and this amazing world?

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