Perpetual Student

I believe that I learn something new everyday, but each year I like to focus on at least one specific class. This year I wanted to add to my Past Life Regression practice. To that end, I was pleased to complete a PLRT training with Carol Bowman, author of Children’s Past Lives and Return from Heaven. In 2012, I was fortunate to have a private session with Carol, so I was familiar with her technique, which is different from the techniques I learned with Brian Weiss. M.D. Both techniques are excellent and I believe they give me more tools in my PLRT toolbox.


Sometimes, what I learn is something about myself. During the training, we had opportunities to practice the techniques on one another. So, I am grateful for the breakthroughs I was able to make on my own issues. I believe healing those issues gives me a clearer vision about my life purpose. As I integrate what I learned at Temenos into my practice, this student continues to learn more about myself and others, and about life.

I love Carol Bowman’s approach: a small group in a sacred space (Temenos Retreat Center). And her mentoring after the training encourages me to move forward in the direction of my dreams. Thanks, Carol!

What will I learn today?

Way of Story Writing

I love what Catherine Ann Jones said about writing:

“For those committed to an inner journey, meditation is not just sitting in the corner with closed eyes. The whole of life can be a meditation. If this is so, writing, too, can be a meditative act. It depends entirely on the approach or intention. For those who adopt the perspective of writing for the Soul, writing will be a spiritual journey, enriching every aspect of the life.”

I’m loving Catherine Ann Jones’ class, Way of Story Writing because for me writing is not just a craft it is a spiritual practice.


Check it out at:

Now, back to writing!


David Brooks’ epiphany about politics

I am not a very political person. I stay away from the sound bites, preferring PBS news coverage. Recently, Charlie Rose interviewed David Brooks. Check out what he has to say about 2016 Presidential campaign. Brooks said he doesn’t have epiphanies, but I’d disagree. In my opinion, he nailed it! So, instead of getting wigged out about the sound bites, grap a cup of coffee and take sixty minutes to chill out with Charlie Rose and David Brooks. I think you will be glad you did.

This may sound odd, but my focus is from a spiritual perspective. For me, the political scene is an outward expression of the collective consciousness and whatever smacks of fear and separation shows me where we are calling out to love ourselves and one another unconditionally.

Here is the link: David Brooks on Charlie Rose

david brooks