Happy Year of the Monkey


Every year I look forward to the New Year celebration. Not January 1st, but rather the Chinese New Year. The date changes every year and with it, the animal that represents the year. This year, Chinese New Year is on February 8, 2016 and it is the Year of the Monkey.

To honor my Chinese heritage, I  get together with my family for a feast, and with my friends for another feast. We do not continue all of the traditions of the new year; however, there is one tradition that I love to do because it helps me hone my psychic gifts. I learned how to read palms years ago and also to read tea leaves. I wonder what fortunes this year will bring.


If you need a little help discerning whether this will be an auspicious or challenging year for you (and remember that fore-warned is fore-armed), here is a website that tells you what the energies of the year of the monkey mean to you, based on the year you were born (Note: Because Chinese New Year begins on a different date each year, it is important to double check your year if your birthday falls in January or February). Scroll down to “A Glance of 2016 Monkey Year Prediction.” http://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/2016/

To celebrate, click the link to receive a free copy of my paranormal short story, The Not So Secret Life of Emily Elizabeth, on February 7 and Feb. 8th.

Gong Hay Fat Choy! (Good fortune in the new year.)


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