Words would be nothing without the spaces!

Words add intention and form to whatever is being written, but have you ever considered how difficult it would be to read them without the spaces between the words?

Wordsaddintentionandformtowhateverisbeingwritten,buthaveyoueverconsideredhow difficultitwouldbetoreadthemwithoutthespacesbetweenthewords?

That thought grabbed me this morning as I awoke and pulled me through the rabbit hole. Words and spaces: consciousness and subconsciousness. Just as words take on more depth with the spaces between them, I believe consciousness becomes more real when we have a better understanding of subconsciousness, but that is just the beginning. For as we become more adept with subconsciousness, we also become more adept with consciousness, and even better yet, we tap into Higher Consciousness. That’smystoryandI’mstickingtoit.

That’s story and I’m sticking to it!

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