Learning by Remembering

When I began consciously remembering my past lives, I also began to understand why certain subjects came easily for me. Back in the day, I was one of two girls in my high school who signed up for architectural drafting. The class was an easy subject for me much to the consternation of the boys in the class. In fact, long before I signed up for the class, I began drawing pictures of buildings in isometric perspective. I did not know what it was called back then, but I did it because that was the way I saw the building in my mind’s eye.

I remember those pictures in my head as if it were yesterday and the knowing I felt when I said to myself, “I will be a designer.” I was only eleven years old. I was not wealthy, nor was I exposed to architects or designers except in a book that my teacher brought into the library of the country school I attended. The book was about the life of Frank Lloyd Wright and something in that book “triggered a memory.”

isometric perspective_3
Perspective from a past life memory


Long story short, I did not become an architect, but I did become an interior designer. I remembered other things that I can now relate to other past lives. For instance, I remember many lives where I practiced Feng Shui and also where I was psychic. In this life, I integrated my Feng Shui and psychic gifts with my interior design and created some amazing designs. And although I have now retired from interior design, I still integrate my psychic gifts with my new careers as past life regression therapist and writer. I wonder what else I will remember.

It made me wonder, what if we helped children remember their gifts and talents from previous lives and allowed them to develop those gifts more fully in this one? What kind of learning system would that be?


I dream of a time when we will remember more and nurture our creativity to its fullest. I believe I’ll come back to be part of the age of remembering.

An Inward Glimpse

A slice of eternity. That’s my take on a psychic reading. For me, the same is true about astrological transits. Recently, I “checked-in” with my favorite astrological website, Astro.com, and was pleasantly surprised when a current transit affirmed a recent blog.


The way I see it, an astrological chart is like a Triptik, a guide for a trip, but just that. It gives me guidance about the road ahead. It’s a guide. Where exactly I go on the trip is completely up to me.

I recently had a Triptik created for a trip to New York. I requested a route to avoid the Delaware Memorial Bridge, a bridge that used to freak me out big time. I am not the only one who is afraid of this bridge. There is actually a team who will help you drive across it.

I was headed to a Past Life Regression Training with The Weiss Institute at Omega Institute and you can be sure that I hoped to overcome my fear of bridges during the training. Long story short, I had a past life journey that did indeed help me resolve this fear.  By the time I drove home, it was dark and raining cats and dogs, but I did it. So, yeah, I believe going deeply within is a great way to guide me on my outward journey.

Free Book Promo

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Emily_Elizabeth (1)


Review By Wendy R. Williams on December 3, 2015

“Carole Louie has penned a great short story! There’s more going on than meets the eye as mousy librarian Emily Elizabeth reclaims her personal power in a most unusual way. I loved the clever literary device of Emily Elizabeth shelving books featuring the author! I look forward to more of Carole’s quality work as she shares more stories inspired by her own personal past life memories.”


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Even though the story is written as fiction, I hope it leaves you scratching your head with lots of questions about life.

Everything you need is already within you


I am always glad to share words of wisdom when they come on my radar.

Here are a few from http://thespiritscience.net/2015/08/26/12-truths-your-soul-wants-you-to-remember/

“Know yourself, sit with yourself and understand yourself. Everything you need, your strength, courage, compassion and love, all exists within. You have the choice as to which you need to find and bring out into the world.”

Thanks, LJ Vanier

The Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step


A friend once told me that there are many paths to the top of the mountain. The mountain being a metaphor for enlightenment. As I pondered that thought, I imagined standing at the top, looking down the mountain towards the path from which I traveled, but also looking at the other paths that other people have also traveled. Then, that still, peaceful voice said to me, “Now, take what you know back down the mountain and into the valley (the mundane world).”

Yes, there are many paths. When I took my first step of remembering my past lives, a whole new world opened up for me. Past Life Regression has been an amazing path for me to raise my consciousness. So, even though there are a lot of crazy events going on, I still believe they are opportunities to rise above the chaos into the light of love.

Whatever path you choose, I trust that you shall find your way.

Words would be nothing without the spaces!

Words add intention and form to whatever is being written, but have you ever considered how difficult it would be to read them without the spaces between the words?

Wordsaddintentionandformtowhateverisbeingwritten,buthaveyoueverconsideredhow difficultitwouldbetoreadthemwithoutthespacesbetweenthewords?

That thought grabbed me this morning as I awoke and pulled me through the rabbit hole. Words and spaces: consciousness and subconsciousness. Just as words take on more depth with the spaces between them, I believe consciousness becomes more real when we have a better understanding of subconsciousness, but that is just the beginning. For as we become more adept with subconsciousness, we also become more adept with consciousness, and even better yet, we tap into Higher Consciousness. That’smystoryandI’mstickingtoit.

That’s story and I’m sticking to it!

YOLO, or not . . .

What if you do not live only one lifetime? How would you live your life if you knew that you would come back again, and again?

As a medium, reincarnationist, and Past Life Regression Therapist, I believe that one life is not enough to do all I am meant to do on this journey to Earth. I believe we are here to experience this world, but that it is not as “solid” as we tend to think. For me, this world feels more like the Holodeck, a fictional virtual reality facility featured in the Star Trek universe.


When I say experience this world, I mean its physicalness, human emotions, and senses, etc. I understand that souls are lined up to come here the way people line up at Universal Studios to experience the adventures promised there.

So, I know you’re going to ask, “Why would anyone choose a horrific experience?” Hey, I was with you on that one – especially considering the life challenges I chose – until I learned more about the principles of reincarnation. But to paraphrase Denise Linn in her book Past Lives, Present Miracles: The Most Empowering Book on Reincarnation You’ll Ever Read . . . in This Lifetime! , you choose to go to a scary movie, ride the scariest rides, and you can choose a scary life too.

Enough of that, the point is we are powerful beings who exercise our free will to experience Earth. Much more powerful than we know, but we will remember, or so I’ve been told. There’s much more, of course, but that’s probably enough for now. I’ll leave you with these words, penned by Benjamin Franklin at a young age.

like the cover of an old book,
its contents torn out,
and stripped of its lettering and gilding lies here, food for worms;
Yet the work itself shall not be lost,
For it will (as he believed) appear once more,
in a new,
and more beautiful edition,
corrected and amended

 Benjamin Franklin

As a writer, I love it!

The Clarences in Our Lives


Although I am not into rituals, there is one that I observe faithfully every Christmas.  I watch my favorite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. Maybe I relate to the main character, George, who experienced one set back after another as he reached for his goals in life.  He did his best with the hand he was dealt, but a turn of events brought him to the brink and to the side of a bridge where he contemplated jumping off.

The movie pans to an etheric scene where a bumbling character, Clarence, is given an assignment to save George.  Clarence will receive his angel wings if he is successful.

If Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol is a story about a rich man who discovers how poor he is without meaningful connections with the people in his life, It’s a Wonderful Life is a story about a man who thought he was poor but who discovered how rich he truly was because of all the people his life touched.  I laugh and I cry and, like George, I am reminded that it is, indeed, a wonderful life.

Like George, sometimes, I had to be reminded that I do indeed touch the lives of others.  Sometimes, that reminder is a two-way street – a message given that boomerangs back to me.  Such was the case when I helped my friend, Peter, understand the “chi” of his apartment.  Peter expressed an interest in Feng Shui and asked if I would help him apply the principles of Feng Shui to his apartment.  He made tea while I walked through the space to read the energyWhen I walked into the kitchen, I felt something that did not feel like the energy I read using the Ba Gua.  It was as if I had bumped into something.  Energies talk to me – even energies from objects most people consider to be inanimate, but the energy I sensed so strongly remained silent.

I moved on knowing that if it was meant to be it would eventually speak up.  My analysis throughout the rest of the apartment was effortless.  I did not know Peter well but as I did the reading of his apartment, I sensed a feeling of familiarity that comes from a reunion with someone I knew before, in a previous life.  I did not know Peter’s spiritual beliefs so I did not share this tidbit with him.  As I circled back to the kitchen, I attempted to zero in on the frequency of the energy I felt earlier.  I knew the energy I bumped into was a spirit, but I did not know how Peter would react to ghosts in his home.  The ghost seemed friendly and he seemed eager to say something to Peter.  His energy was warm which indicated to me that he was a higher vibration.  I closed my eyes, took a deep cleansing breath and trusted what was about to happen would be for the best.  Everything went black and I felt like I was floating in deep space.  Then, words came out of my mouth, but my voice was different.

“Remember the movie It’s a Wonderful Life?  Peter, you are like George.  You touch many people’s lives.  Never forget that.”

When I opened my eyes, Peter and I were both teary.  Then, Peter told me about his very close friend who died several years ago.   Both men believed that life goes on and they made a pact.  Peter asked his friend, “Will you be my Clarence?”  We both knew Peter’s Clarence was with us in that moment and that he wanted us both to see how much we touch the lives of those around us.

Peter’s Clarence reaffirmed a message that we all too often forgot, but he also affirmed to us that life goes on even if we do not understand how or what it looks like.

It’s been many years since that first meeting with Peter’s Clarence.  Peter moved on, but we keep in touch.  A reunion with Peter reminded me that there are Clarences all around us and that it is a wonderful life.

Merry Christmas, Peter, and all the Clarences in our lives!